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Boy, I found Laughlin to be rather pedantic and cocksure of his views based on some very flimsy core reasoning.

His main argument as to why all the fossil fuels will be used up- regardless of the social and environmental impact- seems to rely on the very unscientific interpretation of "human nature." Putting aside the very likely possibility of alternative energy sources will be developed as viable economic substitutes (especially as we come to price the cost of dumping carbon in the atmosphere), Laughlin makes leaps of reasoning that posit "human nature" will mean everyone in China and India will want to have cars: impacts of climate and the geopolitics of oil be damned.

There is so much we don't know about how cultures and technologies will evolve as fossil fuels become scarce.

However, I am troubled that this issue may fall into the hands of international study, as for example the UN, since the East has a culturally fixated view of predestination.All that said, i personally can't yet get my head around the right public policy actions to mitigate environmental impacts.As an avid listener here, I'm certainly cynical of any public policy action other than staying out of the way.Side note - this may bring down deficit spending or otherwise accounted tax burden by -B annually, just form the fossil side (link).I assume chitown_nick intended to give prime concern to "despeciation." However, I suggest no action until we in the West conduct a comprehensive study to identify all species lost since the first, yet unidentified species.

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The conversation concludes with discussions of other concerns of Laughlin's--the outlawing via legislation and taboo of certain forms of knowledge, and the practice of reductionism rather than emergence in the physical sciences.